How it works:

Oncology VR is an application that enables one to view 3D body scan images without connecting to the Dicom. Through an Oculus, a medical practitioner can easily access the live body scans and see the 3d image in different modes available without downloading the files or viewing it on different systems.

  • Zoom and Pan available
  • Contrast and intensity adjustment
  • Visualization of ROIs from DICOM RT Structures can be done.
  • Patients can log into their account, see the Dicom RT files in oculus through this application.
  • This app displays DICOM RT objects, RT Images, set of structures, CT, MR, PT and 3D images, etc.
  • A User can easily upload DICOM CT files through the app.
  • The VR menu panel shows a segment list from which a user can select the segment which will create the 3d image scan likewise.
  • The original images can be viewed in traditional 2d visualisation: axial view, sagittal and coronal views.
  • The user can choose the resolution of the reconstructed views. The Regions of Interest (ROI) contours and dose distributions are displayed on all three views.
  • The dose or intensity of the Radio beam is also highlighted when a user selects the dose graph in Dicom rt.
  • Remedy service RT - The app also gives the option of planning radiotherapy.
  • In Radio oncology beam size and angles - when the user selects an RTP (radio treatment process), view the data of beam angle size and so on from the DICOM RT field and show it on 3d body scan. The image can be toggled on or off.

Benefits of Oncology VR App:

  • A user can view 2D and 3D images of a body part or complete body in a 360-degree environment space.

  • VR users can open floating windows of the feature menus around 3d spaces.

  • Instead of downloading the DICOM RT file to a local PC, the data can be read from a cloud server like YouTube.

  • In this case, users do not need a special standalone computer to access the files.